EPF November 2017 result 1.27% YTD 12.11%

The Equity Power Fund will identify, develop, execute and manage leading investments in strategically selected assets, projects and companies. The Equity Power Fund provides a unique occasion for investors to participate in the growth and development of leading companies of the future by making mainly capital investments and direct in small and medium-sized businesses.

The Equity Power Fund’s investment goal is to provide attractive returns that have minimal correlation with the returns of standard asset classes. The objective is focusing on prime acquisitions and participations in promising projects, developments and companies, targeting to maximise returns to the investors mostly via private equity type, venture type and real estate type of investments whist focusing its investment objective towards stable and consistent returns.

The Equity Power Fund’s investment discipline is seeking to participate in durable, well-managed businesses at value prices, focusing on identifying small and medium size companies with the characteristics to create value in businesses.

The Equity Power Fund will invest its capital using a strategy that focuses on building a diversified portfolio of private equity, real estate and venture type of investments and will emphasise the cultivation and management of a multi-faceted revenue stream.

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