EPF January 2018 result 1,23%

We find ourself apologising once more for the late delivery of the official NAV and January Fund Fact Sheet. The result is positive with a result of 1,23%. There is none the less a positive side to the delay and as previously advised Alter Domus is now approving the NAV. To ensure they are fully informed and able to confirm the NAV they carried out an in-depth examination of the audited figures and valuations before publishing the NAV. This process, while delaying the release of the NAV, demonstrates the professionalism of Alter Domus and endorses the accuracy, quality and performance of both the Equity Power Fund and Equity Experts Sarl.

In these days of extreme market volatility, the Equity Power Fund continues to go from strength to strength but don’t take my word for it …. Once again, we have received the Prequin award for the “Most consistent top performing event-driven hedge fund.”

We look forward to another successful year in 2018 and I look forward to the publication of the February NAV shortly.

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