EPF April 2018 result 0,84%

We are pleased to advise that the April NAV has been released and performance for the month was 0.84%. A substantial inflow of funds, significantly in excess of that which was expected, has resulted in a temporary “cash drag” which has lowered performance a little. We are working together with Alter Domus to finalise some deals as quickly as possible and we are pleased to confirm that there will soon be some very promising transactions taking place.
Our team is pleased that the fund is experiencing record inflows, as it demonstrates that the attractive level of performance that the fund has been delivering since inception, is being recognised by an increasing number of asset managers.
We look forward to issuing a further update next month and take this opportunity to thank those who have supported the fund over years. We will continue to strive to deliver above average returns for our investors whilst at the same time diligently applying a strict level of risk management.

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