May 2018 result 0,97% YTD 6,54%

We are pleased to be able to publish the May NAV and confirm that we are approaching a more normal timescale for the releasing of the monthly NAV. You will note that the fund continues to suffer from a cash-drag but this is under control and performance will soon normalise.

The change from LFP to Alter Domus has been an intense acclimatisation task for their team looking after The Equity Power Fund but we are very pleased that matters are now speeding up and grateful for their hard work.

Lastly, may we take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to our loyal supporters and investors who have shown great patience and understanding during the last months over the various delays that have impacted the fund. We are confident the worst is behind us which will result in a more timely issuing of the NAV and the placement of transactions which will improve performance.

Wishing all our investors and relations happy holidays! from a sweltering Luxembourg currently experiencing an unprecedented heat wave!

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