June 2018 result 0,96% YTD 7,50%

The June NAV is released!!

Unfortunately, due to the summer holidays, we had a considerable delay in finalising the figures. Although the release of the June NAV has only taken place in September, I am more than happy to advise that the fund celebrates it’s five years anniversary this month.

Key features

The objective of EPF is to generate attractive returns irrespective of market conditions by offering financing but only with an expert understanding of the targeted markets.
 We are confident that our award-winning performance will continue for the immediate future despite the current market and economic volatility.

Currently, the fund is still suffering from a considerable cash-drag with a liquidity ratio of approx 40%. Despite the cash-drag, we are satisfied that the fund has enjoyed yet another month of good performance.
We expect to place the majority of this in the coming two weeks. The fund has many attractive deals waiting to be finalised, and we are looking forward to placing these deals shortly.

The fund is growing massively. We are delighted to welcome more and more institutional investors in the fund.

We are working hard to release July and August NAV’s, shortly after, catching to schedule again.

I hope that everybody had a great summer and I look forward to a busy last quarter.

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