New Directors appointed in LFP I SICAV SIF

LFP I SICAV SIF announces that with the appointment of four new directors, the board of directors of LFP I SICAV SIF is now complete. The Board of Directors now consists of the following four persons.

David Mapley
Mr. Mapley, has spent 35 years working in the Financial Markets in New York, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, and Switzerland, initially in Derivatives but eventually heading Capital Markets trading in Japan. David’s academic background commenced at the London School of Economics as a student (B.Sc.(Econ.), M.Sc.) then teacher, at the University of Chicago for an M.B.A. in Finance, and later as author of 2 Euromoney Yearbook Chapters on Interest-Rate/ Currency Swaps. David also holds a position at Intel Suisse as head of financial investigations. Mr. Mapley will act as chairman of the board.

Tudor Fedeles
Mr. Fedeles is a financial analyst with six years of experience sourcing investments in equity (both public and private) and debt markets, creating valuation tools for different asset classes, and establishing asset allocation strategies. Strong educational background with a BA and an MSc from Sorbonne University, an MSc from Luxembourg School of Finance and an Executive Education at New York University. Currently a candidate for CFA Level III and Luxembourg Qualified Accountant.

Christian Tailleur
Mr. Tailleur, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a member of l’ “Ordre des Experts-Comptables” in Luxembourg. Christian’s past work experience includes time spent in the banking sector (and an asset management company in Luxembourg). Christian has garnered expertise in trust and fiduciary services, asset and wealth management, as well as in investment fund structures. Christian graduated from the University of Metz in France with a License in Economics.

Jacques Bossuyt
Mr. Bossuyt, sits on the investment committees of various management companies in Luxembourg and is also Independent Director of Sif and Sicav funds. He managed the Patrimonium Diamond equity fund, which was awarded five stars by Morningstar over ten years. He is the designer of the Consequent Investing Concept, which is an open architecture strategy with a Winning by Losing Less philosophy. It also publishes “La Lettre Financière Politiquement Incorrect.” He has 45 years of banking experience, including 30 years in private banking.


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