The EPF will identify, develop and manage investments made in strategically selected companies, assets, and projects. The fund provides a controlled environment for investors to benefit in the growth and development of a diversified portfolio of companies, business ventures, and expansion opportunities. The EPF will take an active approach to private equity investing, seeking situations where significant value can be unlocked and created through capital investment, enhancing profits through strategic growth. The EPF investment objective is to provide attractive returns that apply minimal correlation in comparison to standard asset classes. The focus of the strategy will be on capital deployment into companies, acquisitions, joint venture participation, and developments, aiming to maximize returns through private equity style investments while focusing on stable and consistent returns.

We empower

Our underlying approach to private equity investing is our focus on capital preservation and risk mitigation. Even in highly volatile economic environments, we believe that tangible collateral and diversified cash flows provide a foundation of long-term investment value, as well as a platform from which companies can achieve meaningful growth. The EPF will focus its attention toward companies and opportunities with proven business models. To secure the best investments, we take a flexible approach to sourcing and structuring investments and will be involved in multifaceted transactions that are diversified by not only sector but geographical location.

Fund Structure
Regulated Open-ended Luxembourg SICAV SIF

Targeted Annual Return
The EPF objective is to offer an annualised total return of 12% (IRR)

Return Style
Distribution of income, it is the intention to pay- out growth quarterly

Base Currency

Dealing Frequency
NAV Monthly

Redemption Notice Period
30 days

+ 10% average target

Access to the Fund
Direct or via PPB (Personal Portfolio Bonds), Wrap Platforms, SASS, SIPPS (Self- Invested Personal Pensions)

Share Class A
EUR LU0884119602
Share Class B
USD LU0884119784
Share Class F
EUR LU1557132245
Share Class G
USD LU1557132591
Share Class H
GBP LU1557133722
Share Class I
EUR LU1557132757
Share Class J
ILS LU1592892498

Target Fund
Size 200 million euro

Annual Management Charge
2% of NAV

Hurdle Rate
8% before performance is applied

Performance Fee
25% of the total net return of the EPF exceeding the hurdle rate of 8%. Performance fee will be accrued semi-annually and paid out annually (if there is performance).

Redemption Period / Dealing Frequency
Monthly: on last Luxembourg banking day of each month, following a 12 month lock in period.
5% redemption fee, reducing by 1% per year.

Minimum Investment
10,000 euro Minimum Holding amount or USD equivalent; subject to the conditions that article 2 of the SIF Law shall be respected.

Investment Manager
Luxembourg Fund Partners S.A.

Strategy Partner
Equity Experts sarl

Paying Agent
KBL European Private Bankers S.A., Luxembourg

Custodian Bank
KBL European Private Bankers S.A., Luxembourg

AMICORP S.A., Luxembourg

Legal Luxembourg
PWC, Luxembourg

PWC, Luxembourg

Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)

Suitable investor?

EPF is reserved for "well-informed" investors. Pursuant to article 2 of the SIF Law "well-informed" investors comprise: institutional investors; professional investors; and other investors who confirm in writing that they adhere to the status of "well-informed" investors and who either (i) invest a minimum of EUR 125,000 or (ii) lesser amount investors have been assessed by a credit institution, an investment firm or a management company which certifies the ability to understand the risks associated with investing in the SIF.