Fund Strengths


The EPF will identify, develop and manage investments made in strategically selected companies, assets and projects. The fund provides a controlled environment for investors to benefit in the growth and development of a diversified portfolio of companies, business ventures and expansion opportunities.

The EPF has implemented a pre-defined investment policy and selection process. The investment criteria for any proposed investment is defined as follows:

• Transactions that provide both capital appreciation and high income potential

• Asset backed or secured

• PPL’s (Profit Participation Loans) with a minimum duration of one, and a maximum of 12 months

• Proven management, operational experience and expertise

• Clearly defined pay-out structure

• Growth markets or specific differentiating factors

• Modern innovative technology

• Goods, products or services with proven future demand

• Controlled risk exposure

• Clearly defined exit strategy


The EPF will take an active approach to private equity investing, seeking situations where significant value can be unlocked and created through capital investment, and enhancing profits through strategic growth.


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