Investment Objective

Businessman using ROI Return on Investment indicator for improving business performance

The Equity Power Fund will mainly invest in mature countries where local and international demand, for services, consumption goods and medical product is increasing rapidly.

The Equity Power Fund will identify, capture, develop and monitor some of the future leading companies, operating in various industries and sectors: investing in early and later stage companies that deploy specific expertise, knowledge, processes and added value to generate strong cash flows, early profits and strong asset growth. The Portfolio will be composed by diversified investment in companies and projects selected in various types of Industries and different geographical areas.

The investment objectives of the Equity Power Fund are as follows:

  • to maximise returns for investors using a stable, low volatility investment strategy through the acquisition of a diversified portfolio of investments in private equity, real estate & venture assets, transactions, processes, projects and companies;
  • to focus on working with strategic partners on investments which will deliver predefined profit margins and strong risk mitigation features;
  • to focus on acquiring strategic positions in high level potential companies;
  • to balance the risk/reward ratio by ensuring the Portfolio is characterised by a diverse range of assets in strategically selected industries; and
  • to maintain a high degree of liquidity in order to meet Investors’ needs and to take advantage of new investment opportunities which may arise from time to time.

The Equity Power Fund will benefit from regular income as the targeted investments create strong cash flows. It may selectively sell assets to take advantage of favourable market conditions and create further return for investors.

Investors are offered a unique opportunity to make stable incomes and capitalise on the growth in demand and major industry expansion; investors will enjoy the benefits in the potential capital growth and yields of the projects. The Equity Power Fund’s objective is to estimate recurring returns on targeted companies on conservative incomes to provide fair representation of expected returns.