Investment Policy

Investment Policy

The Equity Power Fund will invest mainly in small to medium-sized companies, targeting a diversified portfolio of prime companies, assets and projects.

The Equity Power Fund will invest mainly across Europe, but could invest as well in other stable countries where local and international demand is increasing rapidly.

The Equity Power Fund’s policy will consider various types of investments such as, but not limited to Private Equity involving selected companies, specific processes (technological and transactional), technologies and intellectual property (IP) rights; listed securities and Money Market instruments.

The Equity Power Fund’s investment strategy will consider various types of industries such as, but not limited to:

  • Quality consumer goods and services,
  • Innovative industrial manufacturing,
  • It & Web companies,
  • Medical companies,
  • Financial services.

The Fund’s investment opportunities may be divided into the following classifications:

  • Mature Investments: A mature company typically has a longer operating history and is more likely to have stable cash flow than the other types of investments listed below.
  • Expansion Financing: A mid to later-stage company has typically commercialized its product or service and is generating sales but requires financing to increase the working capital necessary to expand production facilities, increase its marketing activities, sell its product or service in new markets or launch a new product.
  • Acquisition Financing: Acquisition financing is typically provided to a management group which seeks to acquire the company or division in which they are working.
  • Early-Stage Investments: A start-up or early-stage investment is one in a company which has not fully commercialized its product or service. The Equity Power Fund carefully assesses management of such a business and its business plan.
  • Restructurings and Turnarounds: Turnarounds refer to investments in businesses which have experienced reductions in earnings or losses, but have the potential to succeed if additional investment is received and/or changes in management, staffing or marketing are made.

The Equity Power Fund has not imposed any specific limits with respect to the number or value of investments it may make in businesses at a particular stage of development.