Forms of Investment

The main purpose of the Equity Power Fund is to party to companies, process and transactions through structured debt, listed stocks & regulated financial product and/or to invest indirectly in shares to be issued by one or several companies (referred hereafter as to the “MasterCos”) and receivables of profit participating loans (“PPLs”) to be granted to the MasterCos. The funds raised by the MasterCos may in turn be invested in the different projects falling within the scope of the above-described Investment Policy.

The Equity Power Fund will hold direct and indirect investments and will have the ability to hold cash, bonds, equities and other instruments, any financial derivative instruments; it may also invest temporarily in diversified investment companies of various types, either open or closed end, pending investments related to securities or to mitigate portfolio volatility. Most of these investments should either be common or preferred stock, or unlisted corporate bonds issues with detachable warrants. Most of these investments can be used as well for hedging purpose in order to protect investors.

The Equity Power Fund may also invest in target companies, transactions and structures by means of loans, convertible bonds, participating loans, etc.

Global and local macro-economic evolution, geopolitical factors, government policies, unexpected changes in unit costs and prices as well as new products and services could all affect the opportunities to invest.

The Equity Power Fund will always maintain an appropriate cash balance or very liquid assets for redemption and new opportunities, always in the best interest of its investors.