May 2018 result 0,97% YTD 6,54%

We are pleased to be able to publish the May NAV and confirm that we are approaching a more normal timescale for the releasing of the monthly NAV. You will note that the fund continues to suffer from a cash-drag but this is under control and performance will soon normalise. The change from LFP...

EPF April 2018 result 0,84%

We are pleased to advise that the April NAV has been released and performance for the month was 0.84%. A substantial inflow of funds, significantly in excess of that which was expected, has resulted in a temporary “cash drag” which has lowered performance a little. We are working to finalise some deals as quickly...

EPF March 2018 result 2,07%

We  are pleased to confirm that the monthly performance for March was a solid 2,07% bringing the return for the first three months of the year to 4,73%. which is consistent with expectations. We are humbled to announce that another publication has presented EPF with an award, Wealth & Finance International named EPF as...

EPF February 2018 result 1,43%

After the publication of the January 2018 NAV on April 12th, I’m pleased to be able to release the February 2018 NAV a little more quickly than has been the case recently.  However, please don’t forget that a substantial amount of work is involved in calculating the monthly NAV of the Equity Power Fund....

EPF January 2018 result 1,23%

We find ourself apologising once more for the late delivery of the official NAV and January Fund Fact Sheet. The result is positive with a result of 1,23%.  To ensure they are fully informed and able to confirm the NAV they carried out an in-depth examination of the audited figures and valuations before publishing...

EPF November 2017 result 1.27% YTD 12.11%

The Equity Power Fund will identify, develop, execute and manage leading investments in strategically selected assets, projects and companies. The Equity Power Fund provides a unique occasion for investors to participate in the growth and development of leading companies of the future by making mainly capital investments and direct in small and medium-sized businesses....

EPF October 2017 result 0,94% YTD 10,84 %

The performance of the Equity Power Fund for October was a respectable 0.94%. We continue to be satisfied with the level of performance which in our opinion reflects well on our sound approach to managing the fund. Performance continues to be affected by the cash drag, but we expect investments to be placed by...

EPF September 2017 result 0,96% YTD 9,90 %

We are pleased to announce the performance of the Equity Power Fund for the month of September was a respectable 0,96 %.    The fund is currently suffering from a cash drag which is having an influence on performance. In addition, we take this opportunity, in the interest of transparency, to point out that...


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